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Enable the mobile vechile inspection with AutoSnaply  

With AutoSnaply, you can rely on our expert team to gather all relevant data and information, reducing the need for lengthy and time-consuming on-site inspections.

Use our AI to Get a 360-Degree Car View   Inspect | Track | Check

Discover Our Solution



InSpect is an AI-based Car Image Detection tool for verification of picture authenticity and damage recognition.​

  • Exterior and interior views validation

  • Registration plate reading – OCR

  • Odometer / mileage reading – OCR

  • Vehicle identification number reading (VIN) – OCR

  • Damage detection

  • AI Claim assesement 



AutoTrack innovative IoT Vechile Monitoring solution allows you to easily and efficiently keep tabs on the health of your vehicles.

  • Vechile Health

  • Fleet monitoring

  • Repair vs Replace

  • Spare Parts sourcing

  • Fraud prevention- reuse of electronic parts

  • Customize Condition Report

Car Dashboard


Check Vin can decode make, model, model year, body, trim, engine, transmission and other car parts in Europe, US as well as on other markets.

  • Get full vechile specifications

  • Automate Vechile data process

  • Validate Vechile Information

  • Vechile Market Value

  • All Vechile Types

  • Stolen Check

Commited to deliver Impact.


Enchanced Photo & Video



Reduction in handoffs and setllement time


Pretreined ML Models 


Time and cost reduction

About AutoSnaply

We are AutoSnaply and we strive to provide the best AI/ML models for our customers to help them fight frauds and improve their services for their clients.

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